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 Hello! I'm new!

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PostSubject: Hello! I'm new!   Hello! I'm new! Icon_minitimeThu Jan 17, 2013 8:04 pm

Hello to all! I am a new member to this forum and community. I come as a hybrid creature who is a mix between a Gorgon and a Harpy. I was created by the goddess Athena to be a protector of wisdom. I was once an amazon of the Nubian descent yet I was defeated in battle by Medusa years ago and I appealed to the great goddess Athena for life she gave me life by giving me the blood of a Gorgon to drink and the feathers of an harpy and she also breathed in me and gave me wisdom! I thought this was a great chance at life but it was a curse the blood of a Gorgon turned my human skin into that of a gorgon and changed my beautiful red hair into that of red venemous vipers and the feathers of the harpy's made me grow the wings of a giant eagle. And the breathe of Athena has blessed me with eternal wisdom and know I am indebted to preserving wisdom at any price! I have the body of a woman yet my skin is scales like the Gorgons, my hair is full of red viper snakes, my teeth are those of a lion, I have long claws, wings of a giant eagle like the Harpies. My voice is sweet as a young maiden and my wisdom is given by Athena. I am a beautiful creature and hold the powers superstrength, fast flying speed, death glare which turns my victims into stone, and fire is breathed from my mouth that devours fools. I am a good creature though geared at preserving wisdom and punishing the foolish. Where do I find my abode and people here? Do I belong to the Amazons, Gorgons or another group?
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Hello! I'm new!
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