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Emma (Admin)
Emma (Admin)

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PostSubject: Emma's Pets   Emma's Pets Icon_minitimeSun Feb 12, 2012 4:00 pm

First pet:
Pegasus-Unicorn Hybrid, known as a Unisus.
Gender: Girl
Name: Alexandra
Nickname: Alex
Personality: Very sweet, but easily irritated.
Wings: Large white feathered wings.
Eyes: A very nice sky blue
Horn: A very Pure white
Mane/tail: Long flowing white
Horn: (In the pic it doesn't have one but it actually does) Glowing Gold, Celestial Bronze and Imperial Gold-for battles.
Hooves: Celestial Bronze and Imperial Gold.
Powers: Healing or Causing Pain

Second pet: A Dove
Name: Daphne
Gender: Girl
Personality: Sweet unless you try and hurt her or a friend of her or me.
Feathers: Blue and Purple
Eyes: Violet
Talons: Celestial Bronze, Imperial Gold, and plain metal to kill humans....only if needed.
Powers: Can make you go to sleep or heal by singing, and can blast your eardrums and daze you by screeching.
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Emma's Pets
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